High R-Value Double Layer Insulation Systems are created by using 2 layers of fiberglass insulation. This can be achieved in a metal building in two ways; By using the Double Layer Banding System or the Energy Saving System. The double layers of insulation create high R-Values and give your building optimal energy performance. In addition to the double layers of insulation, thermal blocks can be used to achieve more thermal performance.

Double Layer Insulation Banding System
In new construction, banding is placed perpendicular to the purlins every 30″ apart. Fiberglass blankets that have been laminated with a vapor barrier are placed between the purlins. The thickness or R-Value of the blankets are determined by the purlin depth, type of roof installed, and if there are thermal blocks present. A layer of unfaced fiberglass is then laid down over the top of the purlins before the metal roof panels are installed.

High R-Value Insulation
Metal Roof Insulation
Unfaced Insulation Rolls

Insulation Accessories

Metal Building Insulation offers tools and accessories for attaching insulation to metal buildings. Properly installing insulation will create a comfortable interior environment and minimize energy costs. Heavy duty insulation tape helps to form a vapor barrier and prevents thermal energy loss and is essential when installing fiberglass insulation blankets. Save money on insulation products for High R-Value Insulation Systems for metal buildings.

Insulation Banding

Steel Banding

Steel Banding helps to secure fiberglass insulation blankets on metal roofs, it is also used to retro-fit insulation and promotes maximum insulation performance high r-value and double layer insulation systems.

InsulHold Attaches Insulation

InsulHold Coils

InsulHold coils are designed to anchor and hold metal building insulation in the correct position, and help to prevent sagging or falling. These Insulation tabs are used in metal building walls for retro-fit insulation systems and in high r-value insulation systems.

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