Use of thermal blocks on a metal building in conjunction with an insulation system can meet or exceed US energy codes. Thermal blocks are comprised of a rigid foam that is specifically designed to provide a continuous insulation system when paired with fiberglass metal building insulation. If installed properly, thermal blocks stop condensation at the top of the purlin cavity . This compliments the fiberglass insulation, allowing it to perform as designed as well reduces the overall purlin cavity moisture. They also provide a barrier between the outer shell of the building and interior structural framing. Thermal Blocks can be used in conjunction with a single layer insulation system or with a double layer insulation system.

These 1” foam filled thermal blocks offer a non compressed R-6 performance. This option is known to increase the insulation performance as much as 2 times in certain buildings. Values of savings are based on actual “Hot Box Test” results. The investments you make with the cost of thermal blocks are known to be paid back through energy savings as soon as 18 months. After the pay back the owner enjoys a lifetime of savings.



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