Double Down on Efficiency: Achieve Peak Performance with Double Layer Insulation for Metal Buildings

Metal buildings offer undeniable advantages, but their inherent thermal conductivity can be a drawback. Double layer insulation tackles this challenge head-on, delivering superior performance and creating a more comfortable, energy-efficient environment. This innovative system utilizes a two-pronged approach to maximize thermal resistance and minimize energy loss.

Streamlined Installation, Lasting Benefits:

The installation process is designed for efficiency. Steel bands are strategically placed perpendicular to the roof purlins on the underside of the building. Pre-cut fiberglass batts, faced with a high-quality polypropylene fabric, are then nestled between the purlins, running the entire length of the building. This first layer acts as a visual and functional asset – the polypropylene fabric creates a bright, reflective interior finish while simultaneously serving as a vapor retarder. This critical barrier helps prevent moisture migration, protecting both the insulation and the building structure from potential damage caused by condensation.

Double the Defense, Superior Performance:

Once the first layer is secured, a second layer of unfaced fiberglass insulation is installed. This layer is positioned perpendicular to the roof purlins, running from the peak to the eave, and directly over the top of the first layer. This double layer approach creates a crucial thermal spacer between the exterior metal panels and the steel roof purlins. By effectively separating these conductive elements, unwanted heat transfer is significantly minimized in both summer and winter. This translates to a more comfortable interior environment year-round, regardless of the outside temperature.

Pre-Cut Efficiency, Proven Savings:

Double layer insulation systems offer a significant advantage during installation. The fiberglass batts are pre-cut specifically for your building’s dimensions. This eliminates the need for time-consuming field splicing, ensuring a perfect fit and minimizing material waste. This translates to faster installation times and reduced labor costs compared to traditional insulation methods.

Investing in a high R-value double layer insulation system upfront can lead to substantial financial savings over the lifespan of your metal building. By significantly reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, double layer insulation offers a return on investment that can be measured in reduced utility bills and a more comfortable, energy-efficient building environment.

Ideal for Occupied Buildings and Energy-Conscious Owners:

Double layer insulation is a perfect choice for metal buildings where people will work or live, as it creates a more comfortable and consistent interior temperature. Additionally, for owners prioritizing energy efficiency, double layer insulation offers a compelling solution. It delivers superior thermal resistance, leading to significant energy savings and a more sustainable building environment.

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Insulation Accessories

Metal Building Insulation offers tools and accessories for attaching insulation to metal buildings. Properly installing insulation will create a comfortable interior environment and minimize energy costs. Heavy duty insulation tape helps to form a vapor barrier and prevents thermal energy loss and is essential when installing fiberglass insulation blankets. Save money on insulation products for High R-Value Insulation Systems for metal buildings.

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Steel Banding helps to secure fiberglass insulation blankets on metal roofs, it is also used to retro-fit insulation and promotes maximum insulation performance high r-value and double layer insulation systems.

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InsulHold coils are designed to anchor and hold metal building insulation in the correct position, and help to prevent sagging or falling. These Insulation tabs are used in metal building walls for retro-fit insulation systems and in high r-value insulation systems.

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